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A name represents identity, a deep feeling, and holds tremendous significance to its owner.
Rachel Ingber

My full name, given by my parents, is Sofie Anne-Mie Frieda De Smet.

I prefer to use the initials of my middle and third forename, not only as a way to honour and accept the blessings of my family lineage — for they are the reason I am here, but also as a claim to bring healing into my bloodline in order to break the continuity of the otherwise endless cycle of certain ancestral traumas for later generations.

The wounded healer

Labeling is not my favourite thing to do, however, to clarify and write about the art I make, my being and my purpose in this world I too have to rely on the verbal language our society is built upon. Secondly, and more importantly, the days of hiding our authentic truth, fitting into a norm, listening to and playing out the world's beliefs and power systems of duality, and thus settling for less, are over. In fact, going deeper into the realms of our hearts and returning to our own essence, integrity and authenticity is what the world needs now.
So here's mine.


I'm an artist and a lightworker, a healer if you will, and highly sensitive to everything around me. I came into this world with a lot of karma to process — both personal aswell as collective karma, from this and many other lives I have lived. In my present time I strive to release and heal as much as possible. To the extent of contributing to help shift, innovate and recalibrate the world into a collective Higher State of Consciousness. To do so I make use of my artistic skills. To support me in mirroring back, cutting through and going beyond the outdated thinking modes of survival and into the frequency of energy.

Art is a wound turned into light.
Georges Braque

It wasn't until my early 40s when the Darkness of the Soul kicked in hard a few times, and drawing and painting became my redeeming tool and therapy. To help me gain more awareness and a deeper understanding around the development of my own ingrained toxic traits, repeating patterns and unresolved inner child traumas.

I've always felt different, not fitting in, also from the family I grew up in. I even felt unsure wether I could ever be fully happy in my human life because it got in the way so many times. Lightworkers are meant to explore their individualism to follow their own unconquered path and seed in a different kind of consciousness, to pave a new path and not repeat the old human modes of doing things. However, their upbringing often unwittingly blocks this particular trait. Even though we deliberately choose to incarnate in what appears to be very challenging, it is a given that what we choose we can always handle. That is why we picked these quite demanding human learning environments in the first place. To lift the veil and question everything, and to learn and show by example that there's nothing really wrong with us, but a lot wrong with society. In truth, social hierarchy is simply a human construct that breeds and thrives on polarity and inequality, stimulating only more division.

Growth through crisis

When going through dark times many lightkeepers, myself included, start to experience a feeling of homesickness, often without knowing where home is. We feel like a stranger on earth. And this becomes even stronger once we start to use our free will  — mostly forced upon us through outer circumstances, to go beyond the mental struggles and exhausting tests imposed on us, by turning within and learning the language of frequency.
It's no wonder this often results in living a seemingly voluntary hermit life, especially when the karmic cyles have been enduring for too long and a retreat feels like the only option. In fact, this is a self-preservation mode in which we learn how to release recurring burdens, break the limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world and how to set healthy boundaries. Sadly, this often goes hand in hand with sacrificing a craving for deep and intimate connections, due to which many of us struggle with burn or bore-
outs, depression and a sense of having to feel too strong for too long. Not weakening the ego too much, finding balance and a lot of self-care and self-love is obviously key. Yet, it goes without saying that some serious inner work and commitment is needed to be able to work with the challenging dual nature of human life.

In spite of that, spending time in solitude has the purpose to no longer become influenced by the noise of the world to learn how to reconnect with our body, soul and spirit in an effort to also activate latent gifts. Such as deep levels of spiritual understanding, hidden psychic abilities, powerful energy healing skills, dormant artistic talents..., in order to use the mind in a way to receive information from higher intelligence. To do so we need to commit to clear out our system from ingrained societal beliefs, past disappointments and other inner blocks to uncover our often deeply hidden starseed truth. Once this Ascension Process gets started there's no turning back and no stopping it either. In fact, all of us humans are divinely created to go through the spiritual education programme of our own choice once we incarnate, which differs from soul to soul.

To be spiritual is to be amazed.
A.J. Heschel

From a very young age, I've always had a spiritual awareness to serve something bigger than myself. I was often dreamy, however equally very down to earth. I loved being outdoors in nature and I had an innate respect and curiosity for all living things. Unconscious aggressiveness towards life itself or interfering with it in an insensible way deeply affects my deep-seated knowledge of connectedness to all beings, and I will always stand in my truth to make the most mindful and healthy choice possible — away from the wordly distorted systems that expose a corporate interest in the cycles of guilt and suffering on all levels.

Like many lightworkers I'm not good with authority that displays ego power abuse, and born an empath I often did not find the right places to develop my sensitivity and affection. In the course of life a conditioned mask covered up these qualities, labeling and instilling them collectively as unworthy and naive. This clearly motivated humanity in rewarding bottling up their emotions and being unreal in general. However, when trauma speaks too loud and there seems to be no safe environment where empaths can be vulnerable and authentic to learn how to boundary up, a coping mechanism will be required to numb their level of deep feeling in order to navigate their life in this world and feel accepted or 'ok', if only for a brief moment. But in the absence of that safety, addictions and compulsions often sneak in and actually become the coping mechanism. To break that mechanism we need to accept and be willing to go back to our strenght of sensitivity, to our vulnerability, authenticity and emotional honesty. To eventually learn to set healthy boundaries for ourselves.

When you're true to yourself,
you are going to win in the end.
You are going to make it.

Chavela Vargas

Life is in fact nothing but a spiritual journey. It's a slow, yet moving process and like so many other souls I also still struggle with being vulnerable, with increasing self-confidence and speaking my inner truth, with validating and employing my own gifts and talents, with setting healthy and conscious boundaries, not watering down my own essential desires and learning to meet my own needs. As said, being a work in progress we don't just purge and shift in one day. Healing does take time, considering it's a deep return to our true identity. Also, what gets stirred up to the surface will come up in either big chunks or small bits and pieces, and only when ready for release.

Lightworkership comes from the soul. It's a mission that can be felt so deep inside that you can't withdraw from it, though many try to do so by hiding or avoiding it, often on an unconscious level.
Because soul healers have lived many lives on earth where spirituality, traditions, rituals and religions ruled, they often feel an affinity with esotericism from a very young age. In the past many of us were rejected, persecuted and often killed for this, which has left deep cuts and lingering traces in our DNA, and to some this even lead to allergies to spirituality in their present life. Many still live with a resistance towards the energy of the Divine Feminine within themselves, repressing the fear of its visibility, and therefore with a fear of their own lightworkership. Despite this, they will most likely feel the need to live up to a part of their soul mission as a healer, coach, psychologist, therapist, trainer, public speaker, writer, artist,... .


As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.

Carl Jung

As told, lightworkers have a calling, a rescue mission if you will, which sounds as heavy as you want it to be. They are here to emphasize on soul evolution by facilitating humanity in the irrevocable growth into a Higher Collective Consciousness. To awaken people from within, out of fear, conflict, division and programmed beliefs, and guide them through the Ascension Process back into Unity Consciousness. Every lightworker does this in her/his own authentic way, but we all have to clear out and heal as much human programming as possible in an effort to ripple others into their awakening too — helping them to see past the beliefs that have held humanity in suffering and conflict for so long and to recognize our divinity within.

To me, despite the challenges we attract alongside, being accepting and loving of the imperfect Oneness we already are, while working on healing what blocks our inner light to shine forth, is by far the biggest task lightworkers, and in fact all of us, have. When we acknowledge and clear out stuck patterns and consciously elevate our vibration to the highest possible for us, we uplevel the energy of the collective field and the world will become brighter, day by day. Because where we are now to where we are going, emotional baggage and toxins are not serving any of us — it never did. Hence, we are all here to experience that life is far more miraculous and amazing than we are lead to believe and that it all boils down to Unconditional Love — to love without conditions, away from control, fear and conflict.

Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words or images, to achieve changes in consciousness.
Alan Moore

Therefore, as a lightworker and conscious healing artist I hope my art helps to recognize your own contribution as a being of light to uplevel our world into a state of Unity Consciousness. To not remain insensible of the deep cellular healing content and meaning of (maybe your own) art, to not only perceive it as a creative outlet but value it as a creative process of something deep within the unconscious that wants to become conscious: our Divine Nature and Higher Soul Frequency.

Take what resonates and leave the rest.


Secondly, through my own art healing journey, I wish to scatter a message that is hopefully emotionally healing to others which is why the art that I make can be applied as a template to work with. The thought-provoking titles, affirmations, statements or even the lyrics that you recieve along with it are also meant to awaken your own soul and access your inner knowing, so that when you move with the artwork intentionally, either by simply looking at it or by repeating the affirmations and ingraining the guidance it offers, a healing process gets started. 


In this way, my work not only holds a sacred healing space in the cosmology of my own art practice but also in the space of my heart for the world. And hopefully, once you use it consciously, it will further assist you to enhance spiritual growth and deep self-inquiry, offering you guidance with the transformative healing process from Duality into Unity — the Alchemical Process of Becoming Whole and Feeling One, once again.

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Master in Visual Arts / Meester in de Beeldende Kunsten

@LUCA School of Arts, Ghent/Gent (BE)


While I took on various trainings and educational workshops during the course of life, I'm mostly self-taught in many different fields around the expanding and embodiment of consciousness.

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