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Dance gathering
The Dance Of My Awakening Soul


A Conscious Healing Dance from Dark into Light into Colour

by SofieAFDeSmet

DANCE with ART — Experience a deep healing encounter with yourself
through music, dance and art!


"Dancing — besides creating art, has always played a major role in my life. I find so much solace and joyousness in music. Not only to express myself, but because it also reveals what might be unconsciously repressed within me, but wants to be felt, released and regulated within my nervous system in order to heal my mental, physical and emotional body. When I dance, I sink back into my own essence, I feel free, freed, worthy, safe, loved. I feel my Natural Self, I feel alive. As I dance I become the dance — we are one."

If you love to dance and you crave a new experience that involves free dancing in a powerful healing place while entering the kingdom of contagious pop melodies, body shaking rhythms, deep trance, heart opening sounds and even shamanic vibes, then don't miss this unique opportunity!

Allow yourself to unleash and transcend your rawest, purest, authentic Wild Self to raise your vibration into a higher state.


Just close your eyes, follow the flow of your own unique body in the moment, experience what comes up from deep within, feel the natural ecstasy and enjoy this Conscious Healing Dance from Dark into Light into full Colour together with me.


Sat. 23.09.23 LIVE dj set with DJ Wouter HARMONICS
Next 2 Saturdays:

30.09.23 & 07.10.23
From 7 - 9.30 pm


Martinus Art House
Westremstraat 1, 9230 Westrem (Wetteren)



The body expresses what the mind suppresses.
Medicine Mami


 You are welcome from 7 pm — doors close at 7.30 pm.

Please arrive on time to settle yourself in, relax and leave the daily stress behind you.
Feel free to stretch and warm up.


The dance consists of 3 different music waves.
We start with warming-up music to sink into our bodies and into the powerful energy of the church. What follows is a two hour dance trip, starting off with pop music that has an empowering effect on us through the lyrics. These tracks were carefully chosen to activate our unconscious,
Dark emotions, conflicts, desires and intentions — to bring them consciously to Light by fully surrendering. Gradually various genres of electronic, deep trance and shamanic dance music will elevate us into a state of ecstacy, experiencing everything in full Colour.
It's in that moment the dancer becomes the dance!




There are 3 basic rules that make our dance experience even more authentic, intense and sacred:


No shoes. No substances. No talking.

You do not have to have 'dancing skills' — it's all about movement.

Bring your own bottle of water — water will be availbale for refilling.
Wear comfy, loose clothing in which you can or are allowed to sweat — less is more.

There will be space available for your personal belongings.
If you want to to take a breather, you can quietly do so in the available rest areas.

It is not allowed to take photos or videos — to safeguard everyone's authentic expression.*
Toilet is found outside the church.

Please respect the cemetry around the church and the neighbourhood.

* Occasionally some photos/videos might be taken on the opening evening for publicity purposes only, but care will be taken to ensure that this is limited and that dancers are not recognizable if they do not wish to be.



We will be guided by a LIVE DJ set by Wouter Vernaillen*, a.k.a. DJ HARMONICS, at the opening evening only. This set will be recorded and replayed at the next 2 dance gatherings.


*Wouter did many breathwork and sound healing trainings which he combined with his DJ skills. He now creates immersive dance flows and plays music for holistic healing, estatic dance and trance dance.




7 pm
Doors open, you are welcome!

7.30 pm
Doors close, warming-up

9.30-10 pm



PS: If you come early, you can visit my art exhibition that's on view in the church.

View opening hours.

Yes, I want to move my body, and dance!
(Your registration is requested)


If you have any questions regarding the dance, contact me here.

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