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Art is a wound turned into light.
Georges Braque

As a healing/conscious artist I hope my art helps to not remain unconscious of the sacred healing content and meaning of (maybe your own) art and to recognize it as a creative outlet and expression of something deep within the unconscious that wants to become conscious: our Divine Nature and Soul Frequency.


Through my own art healing journey I therefore wish to scatter a message that is emotionally healing to others, in that it assists to enhance spiritual growth and conscious self-inquiry, and to offer guidance with the transformative traumahealing process from Duality into Unity — the alchemical process of becoming Whole.



Master in Visual Arts . Graphic Design

@LUCA School of Arts, Gent (BE)

Current job


Conscious/healing artist & story whisperer @The Brave Tenderness


Parttime reactivating therapist applying art and tales @Cur@-Z Zorgnetwerk vzw


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