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Silk Blouse

With this unique blouse made of luscious 100% natural silk showing a subtle sheen when the light hits it,
you are definitely saying Yes, To The Dance!


It may even be so that life returned you to it. So go ahead and dance. Freely and straight from the heart.

100% natural silk . creme white . taille unique . high end print Dance . self-covered buttons . handmade couture by BARMES


Please do be mindful that this piece will only be manufactured on request. If you are interested in a fitting before ordering, let us know.


©Felix Claeys

Apply presence. Find new moves, new dimensions, new directions. Break repeating patterns, play with them. Find stops, breath, space, body consciousness. Be like water, fluid, open and receptive. Explore expansion, a change of speed, soft eyes. Be caring, kind, sensitive, sensual and alert. Listen, wait, then create. Find freedom.
Because that's what you are.

Perfectly free.

I want to order the Silk Blouse Dance

For placing an order or for more inquiries send me an email or give me call.

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