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Silk Scarf
The Divine Feminine

With this unique scarf made of luscious 100% natural silk, you are about to awakenThe Divine Feminine in you. Or as a gift in someone else!

If you found your way here, chances are you have heard Her call. And you are ready now to explore, embody and embrace Her energy even more so.

100% natural silk
. cream white . 1x1 m . high end print with 22 nude poses . finished edge by BARMES


For women, this big sized scarf can be used creatively in multiple ways — to vamp up your body, drape it over your shoulder, around your waist, on a bag or as a bag. And together with our blouse Dance you might even double catch the attention of any onlooker.

For men, in replacement of the tie or to knot close to the neck, there is also a smaller and slightly different scarf in the making

Please be mindful that these pieces are unique. Only a few are being manufactured.


©Felix Claeys

So what is The Divine Feminine?


The Divine Feminine is an energy that lives within you, within me, within us all.

For the past few thousand years, this energy has been repressed, cast into the shadows, and left without a safe place to fully express Herself and Her gifts.


But She has been on the rise. In recent years and continuing into the future we have had strong cosmic transits stimulating the Feminine to let go of any outdated attachments based in need, protection and responsibility. She is now waking up and returning to us all. Women and men around the world are hearing Her call.

The Divine Feminine is an energy, which means She can’t be seen or heard, but She can be felt.
She is the feminine that exists in all living beings on earth, including the cyclic rhythm of the moon, the ocean, the seasons and the circle/w
heel. She is sometimes known as Yin energy, Shakti, Kali, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin, Sophia, Wisdom or Gaia and She is divinely connected to Mother Earth.


In her truest nature, She is nurturing, motherly and affectionate. She is beauty, sensuality and attraction. Creativity and inspiration in its purest form. Compassion, forgiveness and harmony. Abundance and the knowing that the earth will always provide enough. She is vulnerable and sensitive, intuitive and fully open to receive. Empowered within. Honored and respected.

The Divine Feminine within us all, men and women, is the part of us that is wild, free and untamed. She ignores the unwritten rules and boundaries that society has constructed for Her. She rises above, paves Her own way, claims Her own authority, approval and mastery. Unafraid to speak Her truth, to embrace Her sacred sexual nature and to show up fully and authentically. She trusts Her intuition, allowing it to guide Her. And She understands the sacredness of life, trusting that all Her needs will be met.

This is your true nature. And even if this doesn’t resonate with who you are today, the Divine Feminine is still there within you, waiting patiently to be embraced.

I want to order the Silk Scarf The Divine Feminine

For placing an order or for more inquiries send me an email or give me call.

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