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Street Art Project . Tour Elentrik by Treepack


Take Us Home, November 6th, 2021
'Tour Elentrik' Street Art Route by Treepack, opening May 1, 2022

Location of Take Us Home: Gijzenzelestraat 48, 9860 Gijzenzele (Oosterzele)

Transcending freedom as a phenomenon.

You can find them everywhere in the streets and often they are hideous: the dull gray electricity and telecom cabinets that ensure that every resident can receive the necessary 'energy' at home. In October 2021 Oosterzele decided to have these 'insensible' utility cabinets painted and turned into colourful art gems.

As an artist living in Oosterzele I was selected to work on the Street Art Route 'Tour Elentrik' by Treepack for Gijzenzele village. Together with other local artists 10 utility cabinets were overhauled. The theme was Freedom — in the broad sense of the word.

'Transcending freedom as a phenomenon' became my starting point. The work Take Us Home can be understood as a work that may or may not be hypothetical — allthough it will turn out later in this text that it is actually far from only hypothetical.

Various universal symbols were used in the design. The skull, which you may or may not see at first glance, represents the so-called finite. The universe refers to the so-called infinite, and the brain, for which you have to use a little more imagination, shows that it is the receiver of our consciousness. The UAP (formely called a UFO) stands for the presumed unknown phenomena, in order to shed possible new light on our own human existence.


The question I am trying to ask with this work is this: Can we look Beyond the Unknown and experience a wider, even higher consciousness? Can we and do we want to learn how to transcend?

The transcendent cannot be appropriated. It is a possibility. Something that is always there, outside the mind. Sometimes we can grasp it, when our soul is touched. But the source of it eludes us, just like we can't put the sun in a box either. That's why it's not surprising that every totalitarian system has at its core to abolish the transcendent. Communism and fascism were deeply materialistic. They realized that if you want to deprive man of his freedom, you have to make the transcendent disappear.
Paul Delfgaauw

As soon as we touch the subject of freedom, especially our freedom as human beings, we find ourselves in the realm of the human mind — our consciousness. From that point of view, freedom to me means: coming home to the source that originated our consciousness.

Outer events challenge us constantly, in order to let go and find inner freedom by turning the way inward, into the core of who we are, and opening ourselves from within. When our mental energy occupies our attention in a negative way, outer circumstances, big or small, will continue to challenge us until we let go. It may seem as if life is working against us, but it just pushes us out of our prison, into freedom. That is exactly how nature, the cosmos, and also we humans look for growth and freedom. After all, our consciousness is part of a fundamental substance of the universe. It is not 'produced' by the brain, but 'received' by the brain, like an antenna that receives a signal, a certain frequency. The human body then functions as a radio, which can be 'dead' in the event of a defect though the signal continues to exist. This is why it is important to examine and transcend everything that happens around us beyond the human experience, and why it is key to use our free will to do so.

In transcendence free man arises.

When we go in search of this still quite unknown energetic potential (that we can receive through stillness), and we thereby learn to use it to consciously break through the common earthly illusions, also called the 3D matrix, we may achieve the freedom we have longed for since time immemorial. Therefore, a true theory of freedom may well be this: whoever discovers themselves to be a receptor of consciousness, knows how to transcend and how to become soevereign and free — as within, so without. This might possibly be the lesson that we all need to learn here on earth: that in transcendence free man arises.

For the occasion of this Street Art Route, a walking route of 5 km has been mapped out that combines 6 works along the Halve Maanroute and the Bunkerroute of Gijzenzele. The opening route will be opened at the church square on the 1st of May, 2022.

When you are ready, the spirit world will
show you things others do not yet see.


Over now to the not hypothetical however exciting part of Take Us Home.

Recently the book UFO's Officieel Erkend (UFO's Officialy Recognized, from cover-up to disclosure), was published by international ufologist and co-founder of the Belgian UFO Network BUFON, Bart Uytterhaegen.


Uytterhaegen's book rightly shows that the UFO phenomenon is many times greater than what the mainstream would have us believe. An absolute must for anyone who wants to prepare for the news of the millennium.
– Dr. Ir. Coen Vermeeren

I got to know Bart at a time when I was confronted with phenomena I could no longer explain with the 'normal', in an increasingly penetrating and personal way. In 2018 my retraining as an artistic and narrative teacher had already steered me in that direction, leading me to delve again into the spirit world I had abandoned, through philosophy, mythology, fairy tales, religion, esotericism, history, archaeology, but also meditation and energy work — fields that apparently relate to extraterrestrial phenomena. This book brings all these topics together and connects the dots from an interesting holistic point of view. It is an enlightening and undeniably important must read study book for anyone who wants to understand the cosmos and themselves better. Above all, the overwhelming evidence that we are not alone in the universe has been a state secret for more than 70 years. It has been covered up and ridiculed, yet now it can no longer be ignored. Besides the fascination for their advanced technology, Bart also shifts the question increasingly to who these extraterrestrials are and what they are doing here.

A question that is closely related to my work Take Us Home. Whether or not you are currently working on your own expansion of consciousness, on a subconscious collective level we all know and feel that there is a major shift taking place in the world that goes far beyond the known. And several other disclosures will accompany this Collective Awakening furter along the way. It is exactly why people now feel and experience so much fear, conflict, illness and worry next to a fast expanding and more deepening extent of compassion, love and a wish for unity at the same time. It is all about choosing the latter once and for all, to rise up into a higher vibration of consciousness and to stay in this light, away from all the dense dominant outworn 3D structures that the world has been forcing and applying
to us for centuries. These derailed systems need to finally fall apart, in order to create a new world, based upon Freedom, Unity and Love for all. Slowly but steady, we are building that world.

When you realize that other dimensions exist, you'll never think of life, death, yourself or the universe in the same way.

As human beings we have accepted for many centuries that someone or something is always in control of us and that this will always be the case. Now is the time to let go of these outdated social constructs, and to become more conscious, sovereign and free once again. In fact, it might even be what these higher dimensional beings from other worlds are coming to teach us. That we as human beings can be and are more than we think possible, and that the truth for this lies in the stars. Together with Bart, I kindly invite you to be open to Interplanetary Contact.

"In an original way, this artistic lady brings wonderful workshops for children ( No dusty classes about astronomy or the latest chemistry set, but a powerful initiation into the underlying truths of (eg Russian) fairy tales. Sofie mixes the symbolic narrative and its deeper mythical dimensions in an original way into a true work of art. Wonder and deeper insights come to life playfully. Children learn the importance of questioning, and develop a new bond with the imaginative realm and why it exists. When you catch your breath flabbergasted by this stubborn angle on the fairy tale, you will be surprised again when you walk into Sofie's painting studio. You are immediately immersed in a New York worthy exhibition atmosphere. It is a visual representation of Sofie's own universe, a temple of Amazon-like creatures conversing with Greek mythical gods. The plastic pearls touch the deepest part of your genetic trail and resonate with the inner soul like a gong. Reverberation is the key word here. Is this lady portraying a new pantheon of intrapsychic beings? Are they projections of human trauma making their way to the surface with cosmic bravado? Did I mention I will buy all her works?"
– Bart Uytterhaegen

For a Dutch translation of this text, go here - 2021

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